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Making Peer to Peer


Decentralized, digital currency solutions for investments & raising capital


When competitive edge matters and financial compliance is a must, digital assets are a reliable problem solver for businesses balancing efficiency with innovation. 


Find out why sophisticated investors are developing resilient and convenient digital asset portfolios as the acceptance and legitimacy of digital currencies strengthen.

What We Offer

Support for Long-Term Value

Helping businesses and individuals build, participate and prosper in the expanding digital economy. Founded in 2014, Gocheto Financials is a global digital asset advisory firm specializing in capital raising, investment planning, and digital currency accounting.


Who We Serve

Transformation Seekers

Businesses ready to transition legacy processes and operations into transparent, profitable, and secure methods can benefit from the use of digital assets. We train teams, advise on best practices, and devise strategies. 

Digital Asset Revenue Generators

Any company transacting in digital currency has compulsory accounting, taxation, and reporting requirements. We audit and implement technical and compliance processes that protect your earnings with efficiency and security in mind. 

Alternative Fund Raisers

Companies with capital-intensive initiatives should consider DAOs, STOs, ICOs, and other digital asset frameworks to replace traditional avenues. Benefit from global accessibility, fractional ownership, and reduced costs. 

Diversifying Investors

Offering bespoke reports for a person or entity considering a significant investment in digital assets. We create custom plans to purchase, store, and take profits in the most technically secure, affordable, and compliant way.

Our Latest Insights on Digital Assets


  • What is Gocheto's track record and experience in the digital asset space?
    For over 10 years, we’ve been sought out for digital asset accounting and advisory services. Long before traditional firms caught on, we knew that the financial revolution Bitcoin sparked would inevitably transform the global economy and businesses in every industry. Gocheto has provided services for Bitcoin trading platforms with 12 million users, US Government sponsored digital transformation projects, and one of Europe's leading renewable energy infrastructure providers.
  • How can Gocheto help a business that is new to digital assets?
    Hedge funds, accounting firms, or legal firms who want to bring in new business by adding a digital currency arm to their practice are excellent candidates for our services. Capital raising is another area where we can introduce you to alternative fundraising vehicles to reach a diverse range of digital asset investors. Gocheto also upskills and prepares teams to solve operational problems using the agility and efficiency characteristic of digital assets. And, Gocheto advises on how to get started investing in digital currency with tailor made plans to match your goals.
  • How can Gocheto help a business that is already very active in the digital asset space?
    Gocheto has a long history of working with digital currency platforms such as exchanges and DeFi protocols for their accounting, tax, and regulatory needs. We can also help your business expand into new jurisdictions by orchestrating exchange and platform licensing on your behalf. If you're already transacting or investing in digital assets and are looking to audit your procedures and identify room for improvement or update systems to meet the evolving digital landscape, Gocheto offers a full suite of technical and financial services.
  • What regulatory considerations or compliance standards does Gocheto adhere to?
    To date, Gocheto has studied and helped corporations integrate regulatory policies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Depending on your jurisdiction and the specific nature of your project, our team makes sure the most up-to-date regulations are adhered to. This may include securities regulations, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws, obtaining specific licenses or registrations, data protection and privacy measures, and tax reporting requirements.
  • Can Gocheto advise on digital currency strategies for businesses anywhere in the world?
    Yes, Gocheto can provide services to clients globally. The nature of digital assets transcends geographical boundaries, enabling our advisors to work with clients irrespective of their location. Our physical offices in New York City & Hong Kong give us a local perspective in key Western and Eastern markets, and our network of consultants and service providers stretches the globe, making projects possible in any city. We are aware of and comply with the applicable laws and regulations in both our own jurisdiction and the regions where our clients operate.
  • Can Gocheto advise on the best way to limit tax exposure when transacting in digital currencies?
    Yes, given the complexity of tax regulations surrounding digital currencies, Gocheto employs qualified tax professionals who specialize in digital assets. We provide personalized advice based on your specific situation and help you navigate the intricacies of tax planning and compliance. We stay updated on the latest developments in calculating gains, losses, and tax obligations and deploy strategies that benefit your business.
  • What digital asset services does Gocheto offer for High-Net-Worth-Individuals?
    For serious investors ready to expand into digital asset investments, Gocheto can guide you through the process. This includes a range of services such as assistance structuring digital asset holdings, setting up decentralized infrastructure, ensuring the seamless transfer of digital assets between platforms, conversion methods between fiat and digital currencies, optimizing tax positions, managing reporting obligations, and opportunities to tokenize assets such as real estate and art. During and after our engagement, Gocheto remains on standby to answer follow up questions.
  • Does Gocheto require a minimum investment size to engage your services?
    There is no minimum investment amount required to work with us because we do not touch your assets. We are not an asset management company. However, clients who find our services most useful are planning significant operations or investments in digital assets.
  • What is the difference between a Digital Asset Manager and a Digital Asset Advisor?
    A Digital Asset Manager typically refers to a professional or a firm that directly manages investment portfolios on behalf of clients. Their primary role is to make investment decisions and undertake activities aimed at optimizing the performance and risk profile of the assets under management. Gocheto is a Digital Asset Advisory. We listen to your needs and investment goals and put procedures, software, and standards in place that allow you to interact with the platforms and decentralized apps necessary to participate in the digital economy.
  • I already have a portfolio for traditional assets, can Gocheto integrate new digital asset investments into my existing portfolio?
    Yes, we can adapt your sensitivities and goals to the digital asset economy and reach your objectives in more capital efficient ways. We can also help you gain exposure to more novel investment opportunities. We're happy to work with you or your current portfolio manager to set up systems that display your holdings, current values, and performance so you can monitor and manage your overall portfolio in a convenient and easy to use way.
  • I'm not very tech-savvy, will digital asset investments require a lot of extra work?
    Gocheto will walk you through everything you need to know. The reason you're partnering with us is that we deeply understand every facet of digital assets and we will pass our accumulated experience on to you. We know the finance side, the tech side, the deep origins, the flaws, and the benefits. Once we implement a plan that addresses your needs, you will be able to have easy and independent control over your investments and involve as little dependence on third parties as possible.
  • How does Gocheto help choose the right digital assets for investment?
    With an abundance of choices, from Bitcoin and altcoins, to stable coins and NFTs, your purpose and use case dictates where to focus investments for the best chances of generating notable returns. Gocheto kicks off every project with research and due diligence, looking for digital assets with strong fundamentals, proven regulatory compliance, and secure underlying technologies.
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